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If you feel like your next holiday maybe an all-inclusive cruise, then you will find that they will have a casino on board as well as the cabaret acts and buffets to entertain you. The reasons for this are that you can spend money and time in there to occupy you for the weeks you are on board and cruise ships go into international waters. Gambling regulations on cruise ships are different from those that you will find in a normal casino. The most basic rule is that when a ship sails the flag of the country it is registered to means it belongs to that country gokkast until it goes into water that is territorial.

For gambling at sea, the rule according to Maritime Law is that the place of which the ship is registered to they should follow their rules for gambling. There are however some exceptions to this as once a ship is within a certain distance or has docked in a country then it must follow that country’s rule. An example is if a ship is within 12 miles of the coast of the States then they will not be able to open the casino as they must follow the US Federal and State Law which does not allow this to happen. Also, if the ship is docked it is likely that the casino will not be allowed to open in many places due to the local gambling regulations. It is advisable if you are planning to spend a large amount of time in the casino that you choose a cruise which will have many sea days then it will be open for a larger amount of time.

The rules regarding gambling on a cruise ship are very different according to each country you are in and will vary from the country you have just left. For instance, if you set sail from the US you should be 12 miles away from the coast before you can open the casino due to the rules of different states but in the UK the rules may be different.

To gamble on a cruise ship the minimum age is 21 if you are in the States to comply with the laws of the US but if you are in a different country where the nation as a more relaxed approach and you are sailing under that flag then it could be 18 as in the UK.

When on a cruise ship, paying taxes will be entirely up to the casino operators and whether they feel the need to report it to the state. If you win more than $1,200 or get odds of 300/1 on a table game, then you should be given a form of which to report your winnings. This will only apply if you are in a country where you need to pay taxes on any winnings as some countries like the UK do not charge taxes on winnings from gambling.

The Nine Different People You Can Expect To Meet In A Casino

Casino articles


It’s no secret that casinos are places in which large amounts of money are constantly won and lost on a regular basis, all depending on the type of risk that you want to take. While there are all sorts of casinos in which you can legally gamble, there are many different types of people that you will always see in each one that you go into.

Here is a list of the nine different types of people that you are most likely to encounter in any casino.

The Old Lady at the Slot Machine

These are the women who will always be dressed in attire such as floral-printed shirts and crazy neon visors, never forgetting their fanny packs filled with nickels that will go directly into their favorite slot machine, always pulling the lever or pushing the button over and over again. It can always be hard to tell if these ladies will leave the casino as winners, but one thing’s for certain – they’ll definitely be getting their money’s worth in terms of free drinks and value!

The Man Who Just Lost a Lot

If you’ve ever been in a casino, chances are you’ve likely seen that one guy who appears to be wandering around in a complete daze, almost as if he’s just seen a ghost. This is likely the person who’s just taken out a loan in order to have more playing time, only to have lost it all. It’s never fun to see someone lose such a huge amount of cash and see all of their dreams come crashing down on them, and all because they’re mesmerized my slot machines and flashing lights. Regardless, this really isn’t the type of person that you ever want to be.

The Person Who Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing

This is the person who’s likely reading some sort of instruction book about how to play the simplest of casino games. While it’s obvious that not everyone will particularly like this kind of person, it’s still clear that they’re having fun and may still win some money, all while getting a little drunk in the process, which is really what casinos are for.

The Cocktail Waitress Who’s Literally Seen it All

This is someone that you’re likely to find in virtually any casino that you go to. All she really wants is for you to give her your drink order, then leave her alone so she can focus on doing her job so she can focus on making enough money in tips to pay her rent for the month. She’s also the kind of person who will be able to tell you stories that would literally make you a new kind of uncomfortable; however, at the same time, she also doesn’t really want to make conversation. All you need to focus on is having your drink order and money ready to go whenever you meet her.

The Whale

This is the kind of person who enjoys going to a casino so much and spending loads of money that they actually have their own special areas in the back of the building that are designed for people of their own economic status. These people could literally win or lose millions in just a matter of a few minutes; however, rather than sitting and playing with other gamblers, they prefer to play alone.

The Cooler

Generally defined, this is the person who will enter the room and cause the general mood to “cool off” whenever things are really going good for everyone. This is something that can really cause the overall flow of a gaming table to become disrupted due to the fact that this kind of person is really bringing some bad juju. Of course, this can be remedied by simply going to a different table.

The Big Bouncer

These kinds of guys are everyone, and they absolutely will not put up with either you or any of your weird or disruptive antics. For instance, if you want to get drunk and start singing something from a Broadway play, make plans to do that in the privacy of your own home rather than going to a casino and doing it, because the bouncer will throw you out almost immediately.

The Guy Who Could Care Less About Losing Money

There are often guys who go into a casino and spend huge amounts of money like it’s absolutely nothing, which really makes some people mad when they themselves aren’t able to win at a slot machine or gaming table. To these people, it’s not really about the money, but it’s more about making other people feel as miserable as possible.

The Drunk Guy that Appears Lost

There are also times in which you’ll see a guy who looks extremely drunk walking through the huge maze of slot machines, almost like they just had a flash grenade go off right in their face. If it’s late into the night and they’re mumbling about having lost a lot of money, it may be a good idea to have someone simply help them get back to their rooms so they can sleep their drunkenness off.

History and Classification of Casino Table Games

Table Games

girlFirst board or table games appeared in pre-literary times and were widespread among the representatives of all the main world civilizations. The earliest list of table games is the Budha games list, which dates back to the 6th-5th century BC. First casino table games came into existence with the advent of the first casinos and became very popular nowadays. Online casino table games are an indispensable part of the games row of any online casino.

The ancestors of modern casino games appeared in the 19th century. Some of the dice or card games we play at online casinos nowadays date back to the 3rd – 2nd century BC. The oldest casino table games are Roulette (known from the 18th century in France), Blackjack, also called 21 and played in Castilia from the beginning of the 17th century, Craps, dating back to the Crusades, and Baccarat, popular in France in the 15th-16th centuries during the reign of Charles VIII. Board games were one of the main sources of entertainment for the nobility in many countries up to the beginning of the 20th century. The legalization of gambling in the USA in the 30s of the 20th century gave an incentive to the development of gambling institutions all over the world.

Many varieties of traditional casino table games were invented and such games as slots and scratch games became a center of attraction for the representatives of different layers of the society. Nowadays table casino games are accessible for all, as the minimum betting rates are rather low to allow people with different income levels play casino games.

The most popular casino table games at online casinos nowadays are:

1. American Roulette;
2. European Roulette;
3. Blackjack;
4. Baccarat;
5. Craps;
6. Texas Hold’em;
7. Poker;
8. Faro;
9. Asian stud.

As a lot of online gambling sites appeared at the end of the 20 century, one may play casino games without leaving their home nowadays. Online casinos carry dozens of different casino table games for low-bettors and high-rollers, newcomers to online casinos and professionals in online casino games. You may try to play Online Roulette, Online Blackjack, Online Craps, Poker or try your luck in one of the online slots games or specialty games.

Read professional reviews of all the most popular casino games, including casino card games, online slots and some unusual casino games on our site. You’ll learn how to play casino games and find detailed descriptions of different varieties of table casino games, find the list of the top-ranking casino games and learn about the innovations in the sphere of online gambling read our casino news to know all the latest events in the world on online gambling.